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Need a little help?

If you feel you need help, the first thing you should do is contact the professor.  If you feel that you need help beyond that there are a few links below that you can use.  Remember, do not be too proud to admit that you need help, and NEVER, once you know you need help, let the semester go on without asking for help.


L.I.U.-Brooklyn Web Site


L.I.U. How to Avoid Plagiarism

L.I.U.-Brooklyn Electronic Reserve

L.I.U.-Brooklyn Academic Advisement

L.I.U.-Brooklyn Registrar's Office

L.I.U. Student Life

L.I.U. Academic Reinforcement

L.I.U. Writing Center

L.I.U. Office of Student Financial Services

L.I.U. Office of Career Services

L.I.U. Campus Bookstore

L.I.U. History Department