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HonorsÕ Freshman Sequence

HHI 21: Identity: Self in the World

Fall 2009

Themes/Discussion Handout


Monday, October 5

The Hellenistic World: Blended Identities

Text: chap. 6 (pp. 150-54), chap. 7 (pp. 173-80).

1)      How does Plutarch describe Alexander physically and personally?

2)      How was Alexander as a military commander and fighter?

3)      What were AlexanderÕs last days like?

4)      What was the significance of his conquests?

Sources: Plutarch (pp. 146-65)


Wednesday, October 7

The Roman Republic: Establishing a New Identity

Text: Chapter 7 (pp. 183-91).

Sources: Polybius (pp. 166-75).

1)      What was the organization of the Roman RepublicÕs government? What are the powers and duties of its various parts?

2)      According to Polybius, how does the Roman Republic compare with the Carthaginian constitution?

3)      What set the Roman Republic on the road to decline?


Friday, October 9

Joint Session One

The Social Self (Follow Instructions in the Handout)