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HonorsŐ Freshman Sequence

HHI 21: Identity: Self in the World

Fall 2009

Themes/Discussion Handout


Monday, October 26

Expansion of Christian Identity in the Roman Empire

Text: Chapter 8 (pp. 201-02)

Sources: Acts 9:1-31; Romans 1-5; 1 Corinthians 12.

1)      Who was Paul? Why is he important? (Look at Acts)

2)      How does Paul characterize or refer to the Jews?  Is this an instance of anti-Jewish prejudice? Why or why not? (Look especially at Romans 3:9-18).

3)      How does Paul consider Christians to be?  Why would this be controversial? (Read 1 Corinthians 12:12)

4)      What was the relationship of Christianity and the Roman Empire?

(In spite of your having to hand in a paper, you still have to do the reading).


Wednesday, October 28

The Decline of Rome and the Transformation of the Roman Empire

Text: Chapter 8 (pp. 202-05), Chapter 9 (pp. 207-18)

Sources: St. Augustine (pp. 264-72); St. Benedict (pp. 302-07).

1)      How did the relationship between Christianity and the Roman Empire change? Why?

2)      Who were the Germanic Peoples?

3)      How do Christians achieve salvation according to St. Augustine?

4)      According to St. Benedict, what is a monk? What is an abbot?

5)      How would the decline of Rome affect the Christian movement?


Friday, October 30

Divide Identities: Germanic Kingdoms and the Byzantine Empire

Text: Chap. 9 (pp. 218-24); Chap. 10 (pp. 235-55)

Sources: Einhard (pp. 308-28; especially the sections on his appearance and character).

1)      List all the peoples that Charles fought against.

2)      What did Charlemagne look like?

3)      What was his character like?

4)      How many cultural traditions did Charlemagne embody?