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Wednesday, April 28

The Rise of China

Textbook: chap. 35 (pp. 924-34); Sources: Deng Xiaoping

1)        What was Deng Xiaoping’s vision for Chinese government and society?

2)        What did he consider to be the principal problems to be resolved?


Friday, April 30 Combined Session!!

The End of the Cold War- Healing Divisions?

Chap. 34 (pp. 897-904)

1)        What are some of the positive effects of the end of the Cold War?

Identities in Conflict in the New World Order

Textbook: chap. 37 (pp. 984-94); Sources: Usama bin Laden; Ibn Warraq

Bin Laden, “What Al-Qa’eda wants from America” (Johnson)

Ibn Warraq, “A Muslim’s Critique of Islam” (Johnson)

1)        What does Al-Qaeda seek?  What is its ideology?  Why does it draw so much support?

2)        Are Islam and modern society incompatible, as Warraq suggests?  Is there a way out?

3)        What is terrorism?  Under what conditions is it created and fostered?

4)        Is it possible to reduce or eliminate the threat of terrorism?


Monday, May 3

Using History to Look Forward

Anthology: Obama

How can we look at Barack Obama’s election?  Please be sure to look at this both from practical, uplifting, cynical, supporting and contradictory points of view.